It's cool to be HOT!

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Clients come to coolhotyoga® to have a well rounded exercise program. They do not have to go to several gyms or studios to get their cardio , Pilates, Core strengthening, and Yoga.

With over 30 classes scheduled a week, members have multiple options to choose from, regardless of their ability level.

"coolhotyoga® caters to people of every ability ... yet are extremely challenging to those who are already in fantastic shape." 

"I love CHY.  Prior to going to CHY, I tried Bikram Yoga a few times.  After going to CHY, I would never go back to Bikram.  Where Bikram seemed very regimented and extreme, at CHY I feel like I am not only getting a great workout, but also a spiritual awareness.  I especially love Julie's classes.   I always feel so much better physically and mentally after her classes! "

                                         -Joanie Gordon from Calabasas, CA

Coolhotyoga, specifically antigravity classes changed my life, gave me back my life. I'm in my early 50's. Used to be very active - tennis, running, crazy step classes. Never liked yoga, because it didn't make me sweat and burn 500 cal in an hour. In the past five years had such pain in my R hip that was not able to continue my tennis/dance/run life. Felt miserable. An orthopedic surgeon said he can do a hip replacement but he would not guarantee that the pain would go away. Back in September I saw a Groupon for coolhotyoga and their video made me want to try. I knew during the first class that this was my 'cure'. The 'front belt' 'deep tissue massage' hurt like hell but I new it was a good pain that would take the bed pain away. I'm addicted. My 2 - 3 classes a week allowed me to go back to tennis, dancing. Inversions, special poses for hips fix me. Thank U Coolhotyoga. I forgot to mention the mental benefit. For the first time in my life I know how to quiet my mind, how to breath the right way. I am a new person in not so new body. I love hearing a snap in my lower back/pelvis area during an inversion, I know I'm getting aligned. Yeah, it's a chiropractic adjustment and a massage of those hard to reach muscles of the groin area all in one....and swinging upside down is pure fun.

                                 -Jola Haschek from Cresskill, NJ

First I would like to thank you for the amazing class this Sunday (4/14). I am grateful for the extra push and the fact that you believed in me to complete the postures, even if I didn't. I truly felt a sense of accomplishment after your class.  My friends from Staten Island were so excited that, they too said they would be back to take classes.  We love your energy, it's contagious!!!  As I mentioned to you yesterday, I have purchased 5 Pilates sessions  with Denise (of whom I think is equally an amazing instructor and great motivator) I need help with my stiffness and posture.  I also enrolled in Sarah's workshop on the 26th for Happy Feet, Knees, and Hips Workshop.  I'm very excited and look forward to growing and evolving into a "hopefully" less stiff well rounded Yogi.

                           -Leslie Morales from Cresskill, NJ

We would like to thank you for the wonderful experience we had at Maya’s birthday! We were all amazed by how cooperative and excited the girls were. We wish you lots of luck and success in the future!

                          -The Noam family from Cresskill, NJ