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coolhotyoga & pilates

it's cool to be hot

Our boutique studio offers a wide variety of fitness classes that keep you motivated to never miss a workout! 

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pilates reformer

Our signature, contemporary, flow style, 50 minute reformer class uses exercises from the intermediate & advanced pilates repertoire, with a twist. A small class allows individual attention, hands on corrections, and creative choreography that keeps you wanting more. All of our instructors give something special to each class, incorporating thier many years of training and continuing education. Consistent reformer workouts strengthen, lengthen & tone your body, ultimately preventing injuries that other training methods can lead to. A great cross training addition for athletes. Our goals for you are balance, strength and alignment within the body. Warning - May lead to a pilates addiction!

pilates mat

This 45 minute, high energy mat class is ideal for pilates lovers who want a super effective,

time efficient workout.

Using a variety of props, this class gets right to the desired body parts.  Focusing on abs, arms, glutes, inner and outer thighs, areas that are tough to access, our pilates mat class has the key!  Modifications can be made for injuries and all fitness levels.


Do traditional barre classes bore you? Us too, that’s why we’ve created coolbarre!

Coolbarre is 45 minutes of intense intervals, including cardio, toning sequences and some much earned stretching at the end.  Each class is unique, using bands, weights, sliders, the pilates ball, and your own body weight, ensuring that you will never lose your love for this class. 

You will be feeling this class in all the right places!


What is “switch”?  A 50 minute, fast paced, strength/cardio inspired class - 25 minutes in one room using the reformer jump board (raising your heart rate with minimal impact to the joints, while stimulating the lymphatic system) and then “switch” for the next 25 minutes of suspension training (taking strength training to a whole new level of challenge). Great music drives this class, keeping your energy level and endorphins on the rise. Never the same class twice, 2 instructors, 2 rooms of equipment = 2x the fun. An incredible workout that will challenge you yet leave you with a great sense of accomplishment at the end of class.  This class makes 50 minutes of intense exercise fly by.




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