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about us


Meet our Founder

Michelle Copland is the founder of coolhotyoga & pilates. Michelle has been pilates mat certified since 1998 and equipment certified since 2000. Having many additional certifications, her classes reflect all of these techniques combined. A wife and mom of two adult daughters (one of which is also an instructor at CHY&PILATES and the other practices pilates daily), her other passion is animal rescue. When she is not talking about pilates, chances are she will be talking about her 4 rescue dogs. Dedicated to her studio community she is so proud of creating, Michelle is committed to delivering an innovative and unique experience at “the studio”. 

“I love my job. Nothing makes me happier than teaching a class and supporting my community with the very best in wellness. I adore taking one of my instructors' great flows and I'm absolutely dedicated to making the CHY&PILATES  experience something you can't get anywhere else.”.

Our Team

We are a group of dedicated, passionate instructors. Driven by the belief that pilates is nothing short of pure magic, our goal is to deliver high quality and challenging pilates and pilates based classes. 

CHY&PILATES classes are built with the knowledge of anatomy, creative choreography and sharing our extensive training with our clients. We know you’ll become as inspired to find out how capable your bodies are, as we are as inspired to teach you!

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